Just a reminder that the foreign company that now operates prime Coney Island real estate for the Bloomberg administration will soon be kicking out the last remaining Mom & Pop businesses on the boardwalk. Most beloved is Ruby's Old Tyme Bar & Grill, which has been in operation at this boardwalk location since the dark days of the early '80s. But the others that are sure to be missed include Paul’s Daughter, Cha Cha’s, Gyro Corner, Steve’s Grill House, and the Suh family’s Coney Island Souvenir Shop. In keeping with a one year lease extension agreed upon last year, they all must vacate by November 4th. Amusing the Zillion reports from the sad scene:

The Boardwalk restaurant formerly known as Gregory & Paul’s, a masterpiece of vernacular signage established in 1962, is being kicked out to make way for a soulless cafeteria run by Sodexo. The French multinational is the world’s largest food services management company and the world’s 21st largest corporation. In Coney Island, Sodexo also operates the new Cyclone Cafe on Surf Avenue, though you won’t find their name on the marquee. Apparently Luna Park’s “partner for one-site service solutions” likes to keep a low profile in the People’s Playground.

Ruby's was closed Saturday for Yom Kippur, but it will be open every day until October 29th, when the inimitable dive fades to black with a goodbye party. By next summer, the property will likely be operating as a year-round sports bar and restaurant; the managers envision it as the kind of upscale place where you'll be able to enjoy a nice hot cappuccino on the boardwalk. At last January's Polar Bear swim, we stopped by Ruby's and talked with the outraged locals about the controversial changes. Here's the video.