Well, this is exciting. Ludo Lefebvre, whose pop-up LudoBites dinners are an ongoing highlight of the LA dining scene, is coming to New York! But before you line up, there is are two catches to note: He is only cooking in the Big Apple for one night, and it is not going to be cheap eats.

Lefebvre is coming to town (which, ahem, he called "stuffy" in January!) to celebrate the October 9th publication of his new book, LudoBites. And to do so that night he's going to whip up a dinner at the Blue Ribbon Bakery in the Village (along with chef Bruce Bromberg). A five-course "brick oven" dinner, no less. But be warned: The cost for those five "collaborative" courses (along with wine, tax, and gratuity) is a not-insignificant $225 per person. Still! Aren't you curious? You can register for a spot at the table right here.

October 9 // 35 Downing Street // 212-337-0404