Prospect Heights residents trying to jump on the Urban Agriculture: So Hot Right Now train are pissed at their neighbor, a building owner who dumped dirt and debris all over their community farm.

"They just wrecked everything," said Prospect Heights Community Garden manager Patti Hagan. "It's so stupid and it's so destructive...It was just done with no regard and no respect." Garden member Matthew Noah Smith chimed in, saying his vegetable plot was "covered in a dirt pile contaminated with all sorts of paint chips, glass, metal, rusted shards of God knows what...You would never do this on someone else's front lawn." Right, if it was a lawn the guy would have just done some donuts and been on his way.

The building owner in question, Frank Boatswain, admits to dumping the dirt, but says he already apologized and offered to pay to replace the destroyed plants. "If [Hagan] wants the money, I'll pay for it. If she wants to make a big thing about it, I can't stop her," said Boatswain's sister, who co-owns the building with Frank. It is a big thing! How else will Brooklynites grow the organic produce they need to pickle, preserve, and put on artisanal pizza?