Following the lead of the First Lady, Lady Gaga headed to DUMBO to get a late dinner at Grimaldi's pizza last night. Allegedly!

Reader Jane Kratochvil writes in: "I live across the street and was having a pizza with my sister... The restaurant was less than half full at 10:30 p.m. when Gaga walked in and ordered the pizza herself at the takeout counter (she was with a friend). She was wearing a leotard and ripped fishnets with a gold lame jacket. She had on snakeskin, platform, stiletto ankle boots. No information on what kind of pizza she ordered..." but we bet there was meat on it!

After placing the order she "slowly waltzed back out to her SUV and waited for her pizza." Twitter adds fire to the rumor, with several people posting about spotting the pop star. Yet no one got a photo? We'll put a call in when the pizza joint opens later today to see if they can confirm... and to possibly place an order.