093008ladynite.jpgInfamously litigious Ladies' Night foe Roy Den Hollander got bounced from federal court yesterday by judge Miriam Cedarbaum, who rejected his lawsuit against several nightclubs for discriminating against men with their discounts for females. Hollander denounced Cederbaum as "a feminist" and told the Daily News that "this lawsuit would have put an end to guys financially subsidizing girls to party at nightclubs." The judge ruled that private clubs can charge as much as they want and dismissed Hollander's claim that a precedent was set in the '60s when two women successfully sued McSorley's after being denied alcohol. (One Daily News commenter theorizes that Den Hollander simply "hates not being a woman. He wants to be in the bars with all men to get his grease on.") His lawsuit against Columbia for offering women's study courses is still pending.