Six months after Elaine Kaufman the woman went to that great restaurant in the sky, her eponymous Upper East Side restaurant is closing for good after service Thursday, May 26th. It seems that the 81-year-old Kaufman, the "first woman Mafia don," really was the crucial ingredient in the restaurant's recipe for success.

“The truth is, there is no Elaine’s without Elaine,” the restaurant's manager and now owner, Diane Becker, explained to the Times before adding, “The business is just not there without Elaine... I’m enormously proud of the waiters, the bartenders and the entire staff who have worked so hard with me to keep the place open and going since Elaine’s passing in December,” she said, “but it’s simply not a viable situation.”

Becker, who has worked in the restaurant since the 1980s, plans to sell the two buildings on Second Avenue it occupies in the coming months. Who wants to guess how long until Graydon Carter makes a bid? Because why settle with two media canteens (Waverly Inn, Monkey Bar) when you can buy the original, right?