Would it surprise you to learn that the egg sandwich pop-up that sold out of said sandwiches with record speed upon opening is sticking around longer than the anticipated time? No, of course not. But would it surprise you to learn that the sandwiches that were the main draw aren't part of the equation? Probably, yes.

Eater's reporting that Eggslut—the LA transplant that was an original temporary tenant at SoHo's new Chefs Club Counter—likes the cut of our jib enough to stick around on a more permanent basis. Sort of.

A representative for Chefs Club confirms they will continue to serve food with chef and owner Alvin Cailan's name—as they do with other chefs like George Mendes and Jean-Georges—but none of the offerings that he brought over from the LA original. Instead, the cafe will serve open-faced tartine sandwiches ("everything that chefs want to eat," according to Cailan).

Dishes include "The Chef"—bacon toast on pain de mie bread topped with Saxelby's ricotta and a sunny side up egg, with olive oil and chive garnishes, and "Hash Nuggets," twice cooked nuggets of shredded potato in bite-sized portions.

Give us The Slut or give us death.

Cailan (Scott Heins/Gothamist)

It's surprising that Cailan's abandoning the BEC model that made him famous, also considering his "vivid memories" of eating "an egg and cheese, salt and pepper, ketchup, from a cart or a bodega" during childhood visits to NYC. But it's an intimidating market to dive into, we understand.

If you want one last taste of Cailan's slutty sandwiches, stop by before June 1st.

Additionally, Cailan's going to be doing a version of his LA restaurant Amboy at Chefs Club NY Studio, too, serving Filipino food throughout the summer.

Chefs Club Counter is located at 62 Spring Street, (646) 438-9172; chefsclubcounter.com