For all too long, Peruvian food in New York has been mainly associated with the (admittedly delicious) rotisserie chicken from Pio Pio Rico and its imitators. Now, Peruvian restaurant king Gastón Acurio, who owns some 30 joints around the world, is bringing a more refined take on Peruvian cuisine to the Flatiron space formerly occupied by Danny Meyer's Tabla with opening of La Mar Cebicheria Peruana.

La Mer, which has eight sister locations worldwide, will focus on "haute' Peruvian dishes, like cebiche (the national dish of Peru), tiraditos (the Peruvian version of sashimi) and platos criollos (entrees) like sudado (halibut, Manila clams, yucca, kabocha squash, onions and tomatoes cooked in ajies and chicha broth) and ají de gallina (creamy Peruvian stew of chicken, organic market potatoes, quail egg and micro greens served with a side of arroz con choclo). Drinks are built around pisco, the national spirit of Peru, and an extensive wine list from around the world.

Design-wise, watch your head around the giant "rain chandelier" made of thousands of strands of monofilament wire, and the the hanging "texture cloud chandelier" made of dried Peruvian corn kernels (place has a thing for chandeliers, apparently). If the photos above are any indication, place'll be a real trip—though only time will tell if it will last longer than its predecessor.