La Cense, an 88,000 acre Montana ranch that uses sustainable farming methods to raise 100 percent grass-fed cattle, launched its first burger truck in midtown today, at 48th Street and Park Avenue. And the crowds went wild! La Cense's consulting burger chef is none other than Adam Perry Lang, the pitmaster-owner of Daisy May's BBQ, not to mention a classically trained veteran of the Le Cique, Daniel, and Chanterelle kitchens. And so a long line of determined guinea pigs formed almost immediately this morning, and according to some reports it stretched over a half hour long.

Was it worth the wait? Initial knee jerk reactions skew positive, tempered by considerable disappointment with the truck's decision to not grill their Black Angus burgers to order. Josh Ozersky at the Feedbag deems that policy "a shame, because no burger should be served without 'showing pink,' to borrow a term from gay pornography... The bottom line, though, is that it’s the best burger that’s ever been in a truck. But no matter how great the beef is, once you’re over 155 degrees or so, it’s all pretty much Whopper meat."

Midtown Lunch, who declined special treatment from the food truck's publicist (yes, publicist) and waited on a line stretching around the corner, has already filed a lengthy review: "At this price ($7 for a burger, $7.50 for a cheeseburger) their argument of 'you’re paying for a quality steak burger' or 'it’s a restaurant quality burger at half the price' doesn’t hold as much water when you’re forced to get the burger served medium (bordering on medium well). There is no question it’s quality meat, has a good flavor (especially for coming off a truck), and if you don’t mind your burgers cooked medium—you will love this burger."

Well, that's enough about that. If any of this hype has you hankering for a hamburger, you can keep up with the truck's whereabouts via Twitter.