L Train Six Course Gourmet Lunch For Just $100!

While some of you spent yesterday enjoying the beautiful cool spring weather, those with more refined palates were lunching on the L Train all the way from 8th avenue to New Lots Avenue. A Razor, A Shiny Knife, the funky culinary collective that stages elaborately delicious meals in unexpected locations, served a six course lunch on the L train. Of course, open beverages are prohibited on the subway—even the non-alcoholic ones you see here—but as Bob Dylan once sang, to live outside the law you must be hungry.

Studio Feast took the ride and writes, "I can’t even describe what just happened, but it was freaking awesome... [There were] new teams plating on platforms, serving, then disappearing. It went off flawlessly." The menu:

  • Hamchi Crudo, Bone Marrow, Trout Roe, Laproaig, Sweet Lime
  • Foie en Brioche, Port Wine, Raisin,
  • Ramp, Black Garlic, Cippolini, Morel, Thyme
  • Petit Filet Mignon, Pomme Puree, Asparagus
  • Pepper Jam, St Andre
  • Chocolate & Gold Leaf Panna Cotta, Raspberry

What, no noodles for these animals? The afternoon's "Self-Appointed Master Sommelier," Jonathan Cristaldi, a.k.a. Jonny Cigar, described the experience on his website Winetology. "In character as a front-of-house captain, self-appointed Master Sommelier and Supreme Badminton Champion, I poured water, served courses, offered cracked pepper and escorted walk-ins through the 'dining room.,' '" says Cristaldi. "Let’s call it the true manifestation of a 'pop-up dinner.' " We call it a miracle nobody got a summons!

Stay tuned for a video about the movable feast; one food blogger "wore a camera mounted to a headband for the entire platform plating & train car service."

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