The website Topcultured produces a downright diabolical feature "Will They Build It," wherein they create astonishingly unhealthy hybrid sandwiches out of already over-the-top food items. Past creations have included their Arby's "Every Animal on the Farm Sandwich," which, well, is exactly as horrifying as you might suspect. And their most recent mission is as depraved as it is timely: "Take the infamous Double Down and the fabled Luther Burger and make the KFC & Krispy Kreme Fried Chicken Luther Double Down Sandwich." Unclean!

So what you’ve got here is one tasty mother of a sandwich that starts with a half Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut, extra Colonel’s Sauce (gotta get in those added calories where you can), fried chicken breast, Colonel’s Sauce, cheese slice, bacon, cheese slice, fried chicken breast and other half doughnut. What you end up with is over 900 calories of tongue flipping delight.

Well, it's a start. But there's no glory in half-measures. To have come this far and not deep fry the entire monstrosity seems like a missed opportunity. [Via Grub Street]