It may soon be possible for God's Chosen People residing in New York State to enjoy some mind-bending edibles without sacrificing their kosher commitments. The Orthodox Union is reportedly in talks with companies interested in making their products kosher for medicinal use by Jews in New York, according to Jewish Daily Forward. The kosher kush would be available under Governor Cuomo's Compassionate Care Act, which was enacted last year.

Under the act, users aren't able to smoke the weed, but it can be made into capsules, oils or made into food, which is where the kosher seal would come in. Though medicinal marijuana is "a perfectly acceptable use of a plant that grows in God's garden," according to Yeshiva University medical ethics expert Rabbi J. David Bleich, any edibles would have to be prepared under kashrut, the Jewish dietary law.

As for toking up without a prescription, the Jewish community stands divided. Many Orthodox rabbis are not on board for recreational use or medicinal use. Because of its mind-altering properties, some feel it's "pleasure for pleasure's sake," and not something Jews should involve themselves with. Still, Bleich said he "can't tell you the 614th mitzvah is thou shalt not smoke pot," which sounds as much like an endorsement as we're going to get.