kosher for passover cupcakes.jpgWe all know that people in this city go crazy for cupcakes. We're not going to engage in a huge debate over which bakery makes the best cupcakes, because during the week of Passover, we can't eat them anyway. Except for the ones at Crumbs.

They're made with a blend of nuts, butter, eggs, and potato starch, and our sources at Crumbs claim that they're "just as decadent and delectable as its signature old-fashioned varieties." If you have tasted them, we want a full report. They're available at all three Crumbs locations (Crumbs East, Crumbs West and Crumbs Bryant Park in NYC) and will be available through April 20th. We do love their names, if nothing else. Pictured here, going clockwise, they are: the Coconut Commandments Cupcake, Coconut nut cake with pineapple filling and pineapple frosting, covered in shredded coconut; Elijah's Surprise, Vanilla nut cake with chocolate butter cream filling and frosting covered in sliced almonds and drizzled with chocolate; Raspberry Red Sea Cupcake, a vanilla nut cake filled with raspberry preserves with vanilla frosting and covered in almond slivers and drizzled with raspberry puree; and the Holy Moses Cupcake, Coconut nut cake with chocolate fudge filling and vanilla frosting topped with chocolate shavings, toasted coconut and pieces of Mounds bars.

Crumbs East, 321 Amsterdam Ave
Crumbs West, 1371 3rd Ave
Crumbs Bryant Park, 1114 Sixth Ave