BB.Q Chicken, which just opened in Koreatown, claims to be the "most popular fried chicken in Korea." While we can't confirm or refute that claim, we can definitively say that the restaurant offers up quite a bit of poultry-based dishes, everything from their extra virgin olive oil fried options to grilled delicacies like Jamaican BBQ and Bulgogi Chicken Galbi. Wherever they are in quality, they at least have the quantity down.

BB.Q Chicken—which stands for "Best of the Best Quality" as opposed to anything relating to the American south, for example—is a behemoth anyway you look at it, boasting over 2,200 locations in 57 different countries. Their NYC flagship features a grab-and-go section on the street level and a stark sit-down restaurant ("Chicken & Beer") downstairs festooned with large color posters of their various poultry offerings, big screen TVs and neon signs championing their tagline.

Employees attend a Chicken University to learn how to cook their signature Golden Olive Chicken, a serving of which comes with six pieces and pommes frites for $16.99 and a "Cheesling" dish of mascarpone and cheddar cheese-coated pieces of boneless chicken. Wings come in flavors like Honey Garlic, Red Hot Garlic and Soy Garlic; they've got "K-Food" like duk-bokki (rice cakes), jjim-dak (marinated steamed chicken) and kimchi fried rice;! BRB moving in.

25 West 32nd Street; Sit-down restaurant open 5 p.m. daily, until 1 a.m. Sunday - Wednesday and 2 a.m. Thursday - Saturday; Grab-N-Go 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

BB.Q Chicken Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd