Manhattan's K-Town is busting out of its britches, with a less-than-zero percent vacancy rate on 32nd street between Broadway and Fifth Avenue forcing many restaurants to set up shop outside of the coveted main drag, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Rents are a mind-boggling $200-$300 a square foot on that stretch of 32nd Street, which was officially nicknamed "Korea Way" in 1995. Restaurants are crowding upwards into the fifth and sixth floors of buildings (Pro tip: hit up Airirang Kalguksu for balls-to-the-wall amazing noodle soups in the third floor of a 32nd Street building. Seriously. Go.), but space is literally running out. So a handful of eateries are opening up on the surrounding streets, like Fifth Avenue, which is home to dueling Korean fried chicken joints KyoChon and Bonchon (Pro tip #2: Bonchon FTW) and a new Korean-Chinese fusion place called Dong Chun Hong.

The spate of expansion is a good thing for eaters: although many of the newer Korean restaurants aren't leaving the area entirely, it's nice to have a roster of non-32nd Street Korean eateries to choose from. And unlike, say, Manhattan's Chinatown, which basically engulfed Little Italy, there isn't a neighboring ethnic enclave to K-Town that risks being destroyed by its growth. Bring it, K-Town! More mandoo, galbi and jajangmyeon, for everyone!