Restaurateur Chelsea Altman closed the Prospect Heights location of her Pequena and reopened it as White Tiger, a Korean restaurant collaboration with chef Liz Kwon. The duo—with the help of Altman's brother Ben—have created a cheery space to indulge in fiery kimchi and comforting bowls of ramyun that include homey touches like vases from Kwon's mother's home in Korea, wedding ducks and everyone's favorite processed meat product: Spam.

There's no tinned pork on the menu but there are plenty of ways to appreciate pig, including Jaeyook Gnocchi ($14), pan fried rice cakes cooked with spicy lardons and Ramyun ($14), a hearty bowl of spicy noodle soup with veggies, tofu, egg and pork belly. Kwon's version of Fried Rice ($10) gets a fishy bent with anchovies and her Korean Fried Chicken ($18) comes with pickled daikon, jalapenos and a pickled pepper potato salad.

The hot stone bowl that holds the Dol Sot Bibimbap ($17) should provide some heat for winter's chill but there's also heating yourself from the inside. Accomplish this with the restaurant's special cocktails like the Naughty Kimchi ($11) made with Tito's, kimchi juice and garnished with a blue cheese-kimchi stuffed olive or the Straight Outta Gangnam ($12), which fortifies Korean cinnamon tea with bourbon, Averna, maple syrup, apple cider and lemon.

601 Vanderbilt Avenue, (718) 552-2272; website

White Tiger Menu