As predicted, folks curious about the fuss surrounding LA taco truck sensation Kogi BBQ have been lining up at 55th Street and Lexington for Kogi's special one-hour guest appearance at the Dessert Truck. Midtown Lunch is on the scene: "The line at 11:40am is already stretching down the block...Line count right now… 65 and growing- and the truck doesn’t open until noon!... 11:59 About to start serving food. Line is 2/3 of the way back to Third Ave." Midtown Lunch adds, "Lee Anne Wong from season one of Top Chef is on hand to help dish out the food. Why you might ask? Because she is now the executive chef of east coast operations of Kogi BBQ and will be in charge of the first Kogi BBQ truck in New York." (Kogi BBQ did give a shout-out to her on their website.)