Karen, Jake, Jen, Dan, special guest 'Slices o' Onion,' Birthday boy Josh, and Ilise

Last night, Gothamist celebrated Josh's birthday at one of the city's temples of beef, The Old Homestead Steak House. Old HomesteadOrganized by Ilise, carnivores on duty were Jake, Karen, Dan, Jen, Ilise, and birthday boy Josh. A clubby, intimate atmosphere, the Old Homestead's clientele skewed much older than Gothamist. In fact, the hostess kept suggesting that we check coats and bags at coat check, but Jen asked, "Do we have to?" and Jake asked, "Is it mandatory?" Gothamist is protective of its gear. Plus our bags held birthday gifts for Josh. Femme Fatale DVD ("One of the best movies of 2002!" - Jen), Futurama DVD box set (Dan), and a Jack Spade bag (Jake and Karen). Josh was already wearing the Ilise's gift - hot new shoes.

Jake and the Fat ShrimpAppetizers were ordered - Yellowfin tuna, crab cake, bizarre seafood appetizer, and salads. Jake likes his shrimp big, if you know what Gothamist means, but this was perhaps too intimidating for him. At any rate, the main reason for going to the Old Homestead was the $42 Kobe beef burger. Though Daniel Boulud thinks it's a joke, the Old Homestead's candidate for expensive New York burger is served with microgreens, mushrooms, and what must be called tater-tots. Josh, Dan, and Jake all tried it, while Karen and Jen stuck to steaks. Ilise wisely opted for a salad and had bites of everyone's entrees. We ordered sides of sliced tomato, shoestring potatoes, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and broccoli. kobeburger450.jpg Everyone rolled out after dessert (triple mousse cake) and, after eating about two pounds of beef each, we determined that to eat any sort of meat in the next few months would be impossible. Jen said she would turn vegan, but then realized she wouldn't be able to have rice pudding if she were. Jen also noted that the cow on the awning was a "boy cow" (Jen's way of saying "That cow has no udder!") but apparently, its name is Annabelle.

JakeDanIliseJoshKaren and Jen

Happy Birthday, Josh.


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