All of us were told at some point in elementary school about the historical context of Thanksgiving: give thanks, blah blah blah, but soon we realized the truth. On Thanksgiving, we sit at a table with family and friends and eat until our jeggings don't fit anymore. Today competitive hot dog eater Takeru Kobayashi, takes the overeating tradition to a whole new level. Just 11 days after he failed to break the Guinness Record for pizza eating, Kobayashi will attempt a new challenge; he will eat an entire turkey by himself. (Who says the holidays are all about sharing?)

TMZ reports that the great feast will take place at the home of a friend of Kobayashi and that the turkey will come fully loaded with “corn on the cob, beets, okra, and pumpkin pie.” Imagine racking up that many Weight Watchers points! We’re guessing that a vegetarian would never attempt such a feat with a beloved tofurkey.