When Hot Dog enthusiast Takeru Kobayashi was not allowed to participate in last summer's Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest due to a contract dispute, he stormed the stage in a bizarre protest and ended up spending a night in jail. After that long night's journey into day, it seems he's decided to temporarily abandon the processed meat which he so dearly loves in favor of a different greasy treat: pizza. Kobayashi plans to eat a 12-inch pie on Saturday in Brooklyn, to try to break the world record, which was set in New Zealand in 2008 and stands at 1 minute, 45 seconds. Kobayashi previously beat his arch-nemesis Joey Chestnut in a pizza eating contest in 2009.

Update: Kobayashi will attempt to break the Guinness World Record during The Eight [sic] Annual Amnet New York Japan Arts Matsuri JAM 2010, scheduled to take place tomorrow at Java Street Hall. Guinness requires that he use a fork and knife to eat the pizza, as well.