2006_01_food_grits.jpgA friend of ours recently moved to New York, and although he has been here for about nine months, he still craves the good Southern food he left back home. He's been told about "real Southern barbecue," and then taken to places like Virgil's, where he's been disappointed, but the one thing he'd really like to find is grits. Grits were not really in our repertoire until a recent brunch at Home, so we turned to the Chowhounds for some assistance. We ended up with a pretty decent selection and will send him off on his quest for a taste of home armed with their suggestions:
- jalepeno cheese grits from Shopsin's
- Maroon's
- Good
- Old Devil Moon
- creamy cheddar grits at Bubby's
and in Brooklyn:
- Miracle Grill
- Applewood

There was also a strong showing of support for Anson Mills grits, which are available by mail order and at The Riverdale Garden restaurant in Riverdale.

Where have you had good Southern grits recently?

photo from nycnosh