The rock band KISS may be returning to their roots in NYC with... a coffee shop. According to USA Today, the band lent its name to a coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, and now the owner, Johnny Rock, has plans to open a shop in Vegas, and possibly New York City. Would you order a "Frozen Rockuccino" for $5.75? What if it kept you rock and rolling all night and partying every day? (Apologies.)

According to HuffPo, the Myrtle Beach location will serve as inspiration for future shops—so here's what to expect: "Twenty-foot-tall smoking Kiss boots greet guests, Kiss music blares and patrons gulp beverages out of 100-ounce “guitar sippers” that flash colors and play hard rock. It’s possibly the last place where you’d want to curl up with a good book."

Check out more photos on their website... looks like this would fit in to Times Square just fine.