Bushwick hardly needs help getting its drink on, but they'll be getting a fresh infusion of homegrown spirits once Kings County Distillery opens their new space in the neighborhood sometime in the near future. The moonshine producer has signed on to take over 9,000-square-feet of space at 173 Cook Street off Bushwick Avenue near the Morgan L station, reports the Brooklyn Eagle.

Apparently the team needed more room to house their booming bourbon business, so the new spot will be primarily a storage space for their whiskey barrels. The company retails its booze locally, nationally and internationally, and they're "looking to add to our distribution as we grow," according to their website. This appears to be an initial step doing just that.

There aren't plans quite yet to open the space for public boozing, but co-founder Colin Spoelman says it's not off the table completely. "We've negotiated the option to do production there and be open in some fashion to the public on weekends, but for now we are focused on creating a better experience at our public headquarters in the Navy Yard by freeing up more space on our factory floor," he says." We have a long lease (12-years) and recognizing how quickly that neighborhood is changing, we wanted to keep open the option of a public-facing aspect of that site, but we aren't there yet."

What it'll all look like remains to be seen, but this summer, the Distillery opened a new whiskey garden at the Navy Yard, a model that would go over very well in post-industrial Bushwick.