As if New Year's Eve in Times Square isn't horrible enough, the Post today gives us a peek at the man who's making it even more insufferable: meet Andrew Fox.

He's an "entrepreneur" who's bought 600 New Year-related domain names in the past decade and struck deals with upstanding establishments like Madame Tussauds and TGI Fridays to host tourist-packed New Year's Eve parties (he's currently hawking a $1,300 "private VIP table for two" at Friday's tomorrow night), and he's totally unashamed.

“We would rather focus on what you could call mass appeal,” says Fox. “The really cool people in the city get everything for free, and would never pay for anything. But tourists want a seat at the table, too.” He's hoping to "educate" national chains on the "opportunity" to throw parties for throngs of foreign tourists.

Everything about this business plan makes us want to curl up in a ball on our couch tomorrow night, which might not be the worst idea, given that New Year's Eve has been scientifically proven as the worst night of the year.