East Village institution Kim's Video has had some woes of late—store closures, sending its video rental collection to Sicily—but now it looks like proprietor Yongman Kim's finding new ways to drum up business in the Netflix Age...like opening an "alternative and interactive" pizza place in Alphabet City.

Kim plans on calling his new spot "Kim's Video Makes a Pizza," and intends it to be "a full-sitting restaurant where young and night owls gather and talk about music, films, art and other cultures," though we can't see how a pizza place will be able to control what its patrons talk about. The new spot would also feature a wine bar, and run off the same kind of quirky steam as city staple Two Boots.

Kim says he hopes to get the ball rolling on the project in as soon as two months—he's been eyeing space at 101 Avenue D, and may have already signed the lease. And if you're worried about losing one of the last video stores in the city, fear not: Kim says he hopes to keep the last remaining Avenue A space open for at least another five years.