Brooklyn-ites likes their bocce almost as much as their lager, so when Park Slope's Union Hall opened last Sunday with a bocce arena--two elevated, lit courts--muffled cheers rose throughout the borough. Sister bar to Atlantic Avenue's Floyd, itself home to a lone bocce court and ongoing league, Union Hall is the more elegant older sister boasting floor-to-ceiling built-in (and fully-stocked) bookcases, portraits of erudite older gentlemen probably scrounged at flea markets, a double-sided stone hearth, and an impressively wallpaper'ed downstairs with a stage ready to host your band. With a dozen brews on tap and a handful more bottled, an eclectic menu including mini angus burgers with a trifecta of cheeses, fried blue cheese balls coated in apple-cinammon cheerios, and milk and homemade cookies for dessert, Union Hall is the bar you'll love for its charm before its beer. Get your bocce game on and excuse yourself from the office a little early. There's a new hall where the architects are in awe and the cool kids are kickin' back-- that's this one: Union Hall.

Union Hall is located at 702 Union Street (at 5th Ave.) in Park Slope, Brooklyn.