Who could have predicted that handing out free meals during the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression would be so messy? KFC locations across America were hammered yesterday by an overwhelming demand for free fowl, after Oprah Winfrey promoted a giveaway for two pieces of KFC's new grilled chicken, two sides, and a biscuit. New York City was particularly hard hit; tipsters tell Midtown Lunch that there were about 50 people "crammed into a very tiny space" during lunch hour at the 50th & 7th Avenue KFC.

And then there was the reported sit-in at the KFC on 42nd Street between Madison and Park. KFC spokesperson Laurie Schalow tells the AP, "We didn't prepare for this extreme. Some customers were upset because they couldn't get their chicken, but there was no riot." However, the phone at that location has been off the hook since yesterday's incident, so there's clearly some sort of cover-up going on. Why haven't we heard from any of the brave demonstrators occupying the KFC?

The coupons for the free meals can no longer be downloaded from the website, but they are valid until May 19th. To those dauntless consumers determined to redeem it, we say Godspeed. But after watching this video from inside a Tyson Foods slaughterhouse, you may want to just stick with the biscuit.