It's stupid hot outside, and while you could wait on line for a frigid museum or patronize one of those Evil, A.C.-wasting boutiques, we recommend using the heat as an excuse to eat ice cream. Here are a few new flavors some local stores are selling that will help you forget how much your neck is sweating.

Ample Hills, which has a store in Prospect Heights and a kiosk at Brooklyn Bridge Park, announced last week, "A Perfect Marriage (of salty and sweet): salted hazelnut ice cream with rainbow-colored, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds." Mmm!

Chocolate bacon, wild berry, and French toast are new flavors at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, at 65 Bayard Street in Manhattan, is celebrating National Ice Cream Month with new flavors. So far, they've rolled out chocolate bacon, wild berry, and French toast. (FWIW, our fave is sesame—it's a little polarizing, but if you like peanut butter, you'll probably like the nuttiness from sesame.)

Blue Marble Ice Cream, which has three locations in Brooklyn, has a new flavor: Key Lime Cookie, "breezy, tart and packed with organic vanilla cookies."

And for you vegans, Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream (two storefronts in Brooklyn, one in the East Village, plus trucks) teased late last month, "whats next on the vegan menu??? Mint chip, made with organic housemade cashew nut milk."

So get a cone and ponder why we've been able to put a man on the moon but haven't been able to invent slow-melting ice cream.