If you happen to spot a few grilled cheese sandwiches parachuting over the West Village, don't be alarmed—an Australian "airborne food service" will be doing a tasty meal drop Sunday afternoon to celebrate their launch in NYC.

According to Grub Street, the company, "Jafflechutes," is the brainchild of Australian trio Adam Grant, David McDonald, and Huw Parkinson. They've been sending sandwiches down to the Melbourne masses by parachute since 2013, and now they're taking advantage of NYC's many rooftops and balconies.

Here's how it works: on Jafflechutes's website, you can choose your own $5 "jaffle," which come in a number of varieties including banana and peanut butter and ham and cheddar (sadly, there's a current Vegemite shortage, so the Jafflechute crew's offering "Jafflemite" instead). Choose a drop time between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m., pony up the funds via PayPal and head to a soon-to-be disclosed drop location in West Village by the Bleecker Playground. There, the Jaffle crew'll send your sandwich fluttering down by parachute, like so:

Now, if only we could get grilled cheeses parachuted into our homes, too...