2007_09_FoodEsTeler.jpgSummer may be almost over in the city, but we're still clinging on to that summery feeling when the temp sneaks up past 70 degrees. On those days we find solace in the psychedelically colored iced desserts at Queens' Mie Jakarta. This joint's name means Jakarta noodles, and its noodles are indeed quite tasty. However, when our internal barometer goes haywire due to summer flashbacks we want only one thing here: a cooling, sweet icy, fruit-laden dessert.

One of our favorites is es teler, a purplish nectar teeming with creamy avocado, bits of meaty yellow jackfruit, shreds of young coconut and plenty of chewy translucent bits of jelly made fromkolang-kaling, or sugar palm fruit. Sure it looks strange, but the combination of all that cold fruit with the coconut juice and sweet syrup make for good medicine on a late summer evening.

Mie Jakarta, 86-20 Whitney Ave. Elmhurst, 718-606-8025