This Sunday, former NBA star / prolific tweeter Shaquille O'Neal will perform in a puppet show on the Upper West Side. Nice work if you can get it! The 7'1" basketball player will be appearing in the show to promote healthy eating and benefit the Food Bank for New York City, as a Food Bank rep told DNAInfo, "bouncing around with the giant vegetables."

O'Neal will be sharing the stage with produce show biz stars Colby Carrot, Erica Eggplant, Brian Broccoli and Suzy Sweetpea. But don't bank on Shaq to be the next Dr. Oz: Last year, O'Neal was in town to promote the 100-calorie Triple Double Oreo. Mixed messages!

Sunday's event, which begins at 11 a.m. in the Lincoln Square Century 21, will feature Russian Tea Room chef Marc Taxiera presenting healthy cooking demos, which you might need if you're one of the 25 percent of New Yorkers who are dangerously overweight . Free vegetables will be provided by Fairway. Hopefully they'll pull the produce from aisles not infested by rats.