The massive changes coming for the stretch of Houston between Ludlow and Orchard Streets just got even more extreme with news that Katz's Deli is selling the air rights above their legendary eatery. Katz's co-owner Jake Dell tells The Lo-Down that he has "a deal in place for the sale of [its] air rights," meaning developers would be able to build on top of the 126-year-old restaurant. Dell couldn't disclose further information until the deal was secured.

"The most important thing is that the future of Katz's is secure—at the end of the day, no developer can ever come in and knock us down to put in a high rise," Dell tells the website. Great news for pastrami lovers; mixed emotions for those already bemoaning the scrubbing down of the gritty but great stretch of eateries, most of which seem poised for demolition.

This morning, Bowery Boogie confirmed plans for several stores neighboring Katz's to be demolished to make way for some kind of development. Longtime kabab house Bereket and another restaurant closed back in June; other businesses were given a three-month reprieve back in May. Notorious developer Ben Shaoul is rumored to be the mastermind behind all of this.