The Kati Roll Company has joined forces with three other great food purveyors to create signature "KatiCue" specials, a mix of kati rolls and BBQ.

The Indian flat breads from TKRC will be filled with interpretations of BBQ from Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, Harry & Ida's, and Randall's BBQ, depending on what day you stop by the East Village location (128 2nd Avenue) where the specials will be offered.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is up first from now through September 17th with a roll filled with fried chicken tenders, tamarind date chutney, cucumber yogurt relish, red onion, mint and cilantro. Next is Harry & Ida's from September 18th through 24th, filling the paratha flatbread with their signature smoked pastrami and Indian "Kasundi" mustard sauce, yogurt, green chilies and buttermilk cucumber kraut.

Randall's BBQ—a pop up BBQ spot that's opening a brick-and-mortar in 2018—completes the run September 25th through 30th with a chaat masala-rubbed brisket burt ends and chili chutney BBQ sauce kati roll with a side of vinegar slaw.

Rolls are $8 each or $12 with a suggested lassi pairing.