Karl Lagerfeld loves his kitten Choupette so much that he lets her eat on the table, helps her keep a diary and gives her two maids. And the Chanel fashion designer loves Pepsi Max so much that, as Page Six says "he also requires a butler to follow him around at parties with a goblet of Pepsi Max on a silver tray."

Page Six has humorous puns, reporting that at his party for his Little Black Jacket book (about Chanel's iconic jacket), "the ponytailed potentate was tailed by a staffer from catering company Olivier Cheng, whose sole task was holding a silver tray with one full glass of Pepsi Max in case The Kaiser found himself dehydrated. The soda serf stood dutifully nearby a revolving ring of photographers and admirers around Lagerfeld, including Lily Collins, in case the design divo wanted a sip — but he never touched the stuff. "

And rapper Theophilus London said that when he was photographed by Lagerfeld for the book, “During the shoot [Karl] had a personal guy that holds his drink. He takes a sip, the guy walks away and comes back."

Here's Lagerfeld discussing other important matters... like the wedding dress he designed for Drew Barrymore: