Although we were under the impression that the Meatpacking District was already operating at the highest possible level of douchebaggery allowable by law, it seems there's room for still more skeez. Scott Disick, the Patrick Bateman doppleganger / that one Kardashian who isn't Kim's baby daddy, is apparently joining forces with the team behind Fatty Crab and Fattu 'Cue, who up until this point have been relatively well-respected, to open a new restaurant on Gansevoort Street.

Details are few and far between, but Grub Street gets word from some mysterious sources that the restaurant will be Japanese, with a Nobu-esque vibe and similar ambitions to conquer the globe (i.e., franchise). The Fatty crew will be serving as "managers and consultants," though apparently Fatty owner Zak Pelaccio is steering clear of this whole mess. While celebrities do have a long and sometimes successful history of investing in restaurants in this city, a Kardashian-related project is practically begging to fail (see: Kris Humphries).

For the legions three fans who've been following Disick closely, the move shouldn't come as much of a surprise--he was seen wheeling and dealing with the Fatty Crew last month--but bigger questions abound: why would Fatty taint their good name by getting involved in such a thing? Is this entire situation contrived purely for the reality cameras? And when can we tune in to watch it crash and burn?