2005_03_food_queenfish.JPGWe waited. And, waited. And, waited. But was it worth the wait? Not so much.

The Chip Shop on Atlantic Avenue finally opened its doors a few weeks back, expanding upon its Park Slope incarnation with a full bar and pub-like atmosphere. It's definitely a nice spot to stop for a pint. But is it any nicer than Floyd NY next door - or the Waterfront Ale House further down the block?

Not so much.

However, Gothamist must compliment The Chip Shop in importing real live Brits to sit around, adding a more authentic air to the place. The "Royal Family Pop-Up Book" was also an endearingly creepy, yet entertaining feature.

Oh, and then there's the Fish & Chips. Gothamist ordered up the classic across-the-pond dish, and was pleasantly surprised by the plate full of tasty, golden-brown, crispy, rough-hewn fries. The fish, with its slightly too greasy, slightly too thick and definitely too yellow coating, wasn't quite as lovely. But, admittedly, the cod inside was flaky, moist and - in all - yummy. Still, we're not sure that we'd actually order it again.

Perhaps we would have felt differently had The Chip Shop not kept us waiting for so darn long. But, let's face facts - You can't build up that kind of anticipation for months on end and actually live up to epicurean expectations. Nonetheless, we'll probably be back for a pint and possibly take another chance on the kitchen - Bangers & Mash? Chicken Curry? Battered Shrimp & Scallops? No matter - as long as we have some of those chips.

The Chip Shop - Atlantic Ave.
129 Atlantic Ave. (btwn. Henry and Clinton St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 832-7701