2006_05_lifeinfrance.jpgOver the weekend, Gothamist started to read Julia Child's My Life in France. A collaboration with (and completed by) her grandnephew Alex Prud'homme, Julia gets to describe her experience living in France after World War II, falling in love with cooking, and loving her husband, Paul. And there's writing Mastering French Cooking, too. While the book is absolutely wonderful, we faced the problem of being totally hungry for whatever Julia would describe. Roasted chicken, quenelles, French baguettes, mayonaise, you name it, we wanted it. So we settled on trying to find a sole meuniere (one of her first things she ate while in France and a transporting experience) and got very lucky that Bistro Cassis, on Columbus at 70th Street, served it. The sole, served with haricot verts and Yukon gold potatoes, was delicious and fortified us enough to read more.

Various sole meuniere recipes on Google; when we tried searching on Epicurious, nothing came up! And if you have a French bistro or a sole meuniere recipe you like, please let us know. Alex Prud'homme's site also has links to different articles he's written about Julia and working on the book. NY Times book reviewer - and their former restaurant critic - William Grimes reviewed the book and called it "exuberant, affectionate and boundlessly charming" - as well as "mouthwatering." No kidding!