The New Yorker runs a profile (preview only) of Nora Ephron in advance of Julie & Julia, a film she directed, wrote, and co-produced right here in NYC. In parallel narratives, the movie depicts the lives of chef Julia Child and blogger Julie Powell, who set out a few years ago to circumnavigate every recipe in Child's first volume of Mastering the Art of French Cooking in much the same way a road-weary pilgrim might approach a sacred temple. Valuable life lessons about love and liberation ensue. The New Yorker details a bit about how Meryl Streep filled Child's large shoes (right) for the film, and also a few anecdotes about the famous chef's dining excursions to NYC. "Julia Child ate at Nobu once," Drew Nieporent tells the New Yorker. "She's sitting there, she's looking at the sushi, she goes like this," the restaurateur says, then pretends to pass out. Guess she didn't like the miso-glazed black cod, either. In other news, Slashfood recently ran an interesting post about a Greenpoint warehouse liquidation of vintage culinary props used in the film that took place a few months ago. Julie & Julia hits theaters August 7.