When fast food chain Jollibee opened its first East Coast location earlier this year in Queens, lines quickly formed out the door and essentially wrapped around Woodside. Filipino ex-pats and food explorers have been keeping the place very busy since, but the missing piece these past few months has been breakfast. Though the Woodside Jollibee opens at 7 a.m., its fried egg and garlic rice based breakfast platters—completed with pinoy favorites like chicken tocino or beef tapa—have been missing from the menu. Until now. Monday night, a manager at the restaurant said that Jollibee Queens will roll out a breakfast menu sometime this month, adding that it might happen as soon as next week. Keep your white-gloved bee fingers crossed!

Almost as if to reheat the Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention—the old Thomas L. Friedman theory that folks in countries with McDonalds locations are more inclined to wait in line for dollar meals than to wage war—a State Department official pointed to thriving locations of Jollibee in the Mindanao region of the Philippines as reliable indicators of area security. "Multiple extremist organizations, including one linked to al-Qaida," the AP reports, "have infiltrated Mindanow [sic]" During a press conference on Monday, mission director for the U.S. Agency for International Development in the Philippines Jon Lindborg told reporters "Where you find a Jollibee, you find enough security." This video, although catchy, does not do much to explain the Jollibee Security Effect, but it may give a new dance to share with your friends.