As he so confidently predicted, ten-time defending champion Joey Chestnut took the 2017 Mustard Belt at this year's Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, scarfing a record 72 dogs and buns in ten minutes.

Watch but maybe have a Tums first:

"I slowed down quite a bit, and I was sweating like a mad dog," Chestnut said after his tenth win in eleven years. "It was a great run, but I know I can do better. Next year if I come back you can bet I'll be pushing harder."

Matt Stonie, the only Nathan's competitor to ever dethrone Chestnut, came in third this humid July 4th with 48 dogs. Second place went to number-three-ranked Carmen Cincotti who surpassed his 2016 total: 60 dogs, up from 42 last year.

To put Chestnut's victory run in perspective, one commentator noted mid-competition that, "Lil Yachty was just nine years old when Joey won his first cup." Indeed!

"I make my body work for me and I've been really proud with how it's performed," Chestnut said, post-gorge.

Chestnut talked big game in the lead-up to today's showdown, telling TMZ, "I can guarantee I'll break a record." Last year, Chestnut scarfed 70 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes, beating his own record and out-eating Stonie by 17 dogs.

Over in the women's camp, Miki Sudo won her fourth consecutive title this morning with 41 hot dogs, out-eating her previous personal best of 38 in both 2015 and 2016. Michelle Lesco chugged into second with 32.5 dogs, and Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas pulled up third with 30 (Thomas still holds the all-time women's record, 45 dogs, from 2012).

Until next year, competitive eaters.