How does it feel after eating 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes on a sweltering July day? Well, you're not very full. After his historic seventh win in a row, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest champion Joey Chestnut assured a TMZ cameraman that he felt a "little bit like garbage"—and that he had the meat sweats:

A little after that encounter, Chestnut spoke to the Hollywood Reporter at length about the process of getting back to "normal," whatever normal is for a guy who can eat nine pounds of deep-fried asparagus (in 10 minutes) or two gallons of chili (in 6 minutes).

“I was feeling rough this morning, but as time passes I feel better and better and my body’s getting back to normal," he told The Hollywood Reporter by phone on Friday. "I was craving a yogurt because I had so much acid in my stomach."

..."It depends on the contest. Hotdogs it takes a day and a half, two days. If it’s chicken wings or ribs, I’ll be feeling fine the next day because I’m not eating that much food," he said. "The chicken wings and ribs, I’ll eat seven, eight pounds, maybe, of meat and it’s pretty easy to digest that."

..."I’ve slowly made my body adapt and understand what’s going to happen," Chestnut said about the repetition of his training sessions, which sees him fast for three days and drink gallons of water before binging in a practice contest. "If somebody else tried to do that for the first time, fast for three days and eat a crazy amount of food, it’d probably, I don’t know, make them sick beyond belief."

Chestnut, 29, feels that his limit is 70 hot dogs with the right weather and other conditions and hopes to compete until he's 35. By the end of the interview, he said, "Actually I'm feeling better right now. I think I'm kind of craving ramen."