If you're coming late to the pizza party, brace yourselves, Joe's Pizza on the corner of Bleecker and Carmine in the Village is sclosing up shop. Curbed and Slice had coverage on Friday, with Curbed breaking the news and Slice confirming the story. It seems like rising rents have closed another established presence in the West Village. Known for their quality slices, Joe Pozzuoli says he was unable to stay after a 1666% increase in his $900 rent for the 240 sq. ft. space.

Some fans may be happy to know that Pozzuoli has another Joe's location on Carmine street too. Adam over at slice was quoted in the Post about the other location, "It's not the same. I mean, the pizza is the same, but the place is different. [The original's] got that rundown charm." For some reason, they have Adam's last name at Kubar. Clearly, they didn't read the Gothamist Interview with Adam.

Earlier this year, Zito & Sons, also on Bleecker, closed due to rising rents. Gothamist on Zito & Sons and Tenant.net on what residential tenants can do about a rent overcharge.