Four years ago this month, just as the recession was kicking in, a restaurant opened at the Nexus of the Universe serving big portions in a teeny, tiny space from a chef with a large personality. Impressively, considering the fickleness of the restaurant industry, JoeDoe is not only still kicking, but it's still got it. It even has a spin-off! So what better way to celebrate than cheap booze?

Yup, every single day for the rest of the month—except during their Rosh Hashanah dinner, we presume—chef Joe Dobias and his partner Jill Schulster are offering $4 drinks at the bar from 6-8 p.m. Which, if you haven't tried them yet, is a pretty great way to try one of Jill's excellent prepared beer cocktails (they normally go for $12 a pop). We're particularly partial to the Here Comes the Sun (Green Flash 'West Coast' IPA, Siembra Azul Tequila, preserved citrus) and the Muddy Puddle (Sierra Nevada Stout, Old Pogue Bourbon, iced espresso, peanut dust) but really, at those prices? Why not try them all and see what you like.

Hungry from all those cocktails? Well, the "Aggressive American" food (perhaps you recall Joe's better meat munchkins?) comes in Midwestern portion sizes that actually match the prices. Just start with the Lavash Bread and go from there! And don't forget to wish Jill and Joe happy anniversary, they won't bite!

45 East 1st Street // 212-780-0262