Before the jocular Jets head coach went in for lap band surgery, it was reported he ate around 7,000 calories a day to keep up his 350 lb. figure. Now, according to the Post, the Jets are picking up where Ryan left off. At training camp in Cortland, NY (watch them on Hard Knocks, Wednesdays at 10 on HBO!), a dozen members of Gang Green ordered 48 meals between them at Hairy Tony's gastro pub. So, what do they eat to stay so fit?

The team reportedly ordered 12 orders of bananas foster pancakes, three of steak and eggs, four omelets, three orders of french toast, crepes, more side orders of eggs and a gauntlet of apple cinnamon pancakes. And for those who weren't in the mood for breakfast food, there were hamburgers, nachos, fries and chicken wings. Owner Tony Caruso said, "They were just sending out end less food to this table." Nose guard Kris Jenkins picked up the $225 tab, and left a $75 tip on the meal. Caruso said, "They were great guys. I hope they come again." Kris Jenkins recently beat Rex Ryan in a weight loss challenge by going on the Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet, but it looks like he's making up for lost time quite well.