Getting cruelly stiffed on a tip usually means numbly staring at the receipt, redeeming the outrageous slip of paper for a free shot from the sympathetic bartender, and continuing your shift hoping your grin adequately suppresses your rage. Thanks to the internet it now may mean ignominy for the classless bastard who did it. A Reddit user posted a photo of a receipt their friend, a waiter at an Applebee's in Edison, New Jersey, received a few days ago. As if that weren't bad enough, the customer wrote, "Stop eating bitch!"

The Reddit user who posted the photo noted that their friend, identified by the receipt as "Arielle B," was "overweight," which may have been the reason for the comment on the receipt. "It's unfortunate," An Applebees corporate spokesman told "But Applebee's has hundreds of thousands of great guest interactions every day. We'll focus on that instead."

Unless your server pulls a Ryan Reynolds there's no reason to forego a tip. As Dante wrote, those who do not tip are in the sixth circle of hell, "Which is constructed to look like Guy Fieri's new joint and where your shrieking cries for tap water will be completely ignored. Oh, and disembowelment. That'll happen too."