Last night was perhaps the cruelest playoff loss yet for the Knicks in this series against the Miami Heat: while game 1 was a blowout and game 2 was just glass-smashing, the Heat actually played really badly for a large amount of Thursday night at the Garden. LeBron James seemed to be doing everything he could in the first three quarters to give this one to the Knicks, yet they couldn't quite keep their first half momentum going, resulting in a thoroughly depressing 87-70 loss. Between their looming sweep and his lingering injuries, it's practically a certainty that Jeremy Lin won't risk more injury by playing in Game 4 on Sunday. But there is something he can do for the team: invite them over to binge eat his jersey made entirely of fruit-roll ups.

Back in February, Lin randomly mentioned that he loves Fruit Snacks in a tweet. It seems the company noticed, because 12 weeks later, Lin received the best gift ever: "a life-size jersey made of fruit roll up. I would eat it if it wasnt framed." Even if Lin isn't willing to eat the jersey himself, it might be a suitable donation to make to Stuyvesant High School for not being able to attend graduation (at least it'd be better than rapping).

In other Game 4 news, it's unclear whether Amare Stoudemire will start/play as well. Earlier today, coach Mike Woodson said, "I think he's going to play." But after a practice, Stoudemire cautioned, "It's still doubtful. (I've) still got to make sure the reaction off today's practice is not severe. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, and even after tomorrow...So I'm gonna be doubtful probably until up to game time." No word yet on whether the fire extinguisher will come out of retirement in his place.