Instead of hiding from the weather and entering a platonic blood pact, celebrity eating enthusiasts Aziz Ansari and Jennifer Lawrence upped the idiosyncratic quotient of Williamsburg's delicious dive bar The Commodore. According to People Magazine's tipsters, the pair sampled the bar's excellent fried chicken, nachos, mac & cheese and sandwiches while "showing each other stuff on their iPhones and chatting and laughing."

Ansari has his Williamsburg cred, using many of the neighborhood's dining venues as backdrops on his excellent Netflix series Master of None. In fact, The Commodore was rearranged to serve as a lunch gathering between Ansari's character Dev and his friends, where the group ordered the bar's top-notch burgers. Maybe next season it'll be all about the taco salad.

Though they'd be the kind of couple all of us would ship, the People story pegs Ansari and Lawrence as "really good friends" who shared a bottle of wine over a "pile of ketchup" and lots of laughs. Our invitation probably just got stuck in the drafts folder.