Quick, what do a sewage treatment plant and Jell-O have in common? Besides containing stuff that many of us would rather not eat, both were the star of the Second Annual Jello-O Mold Competition at the Gowanus Studio Space Saturday. Contestant Victoria Belanger had the inspired idea to honor the iconic Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant digester eggs, which each process three million gallons of sludge. At night, the giant eggs are illuminated with an alluring blue light, hence the blue Jell-O in Belanger's entry. Shockingly, she was bested by Jello-O molds of the Virgin Mary.

Shelly Sabel's "Aspic Ascension—Tastes Like Heaven," won grand prize in the competition for her boozy Bloody Mary molds in the shape of the Madonna. Competition was stiff, and other noteworthy molds included "The Trophy Room," a mold of two mounted animal heads (a boar, a bull), made with beef consomme and pork consomme, respectively. And naturally there was a Jell-O homage to the Gulf oil spill.

Eater was on hand to cover the contest, and reports that "ultimately, the non-air conditioned space took its toll: An hour into the competition, some Jell-O structures started liquefying, losing their form. Who knew Jell-O can't stay solid in a room that's 100 degrees? ... Even the Jell-O shots liquified, becoming sugar flavored liquid shots. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, mind you." For more Jell-Overload, check outEat Me Daily's great coverage from last year.