Jeffrey Sachs, the renowned economist who is director of Columbia University's Earth Institute, shared his Saturday routine with the NY Times. He lives in a "Columbia-owned town house in the West 80s" (is he middle-class if he lives in university housing?) and wanders around the neighborhood with his family. One of his stops is Zabar's, the Upper West Side institution.

Sachs advises, "You have to start with the olives, go to the nut section, the fish counter. They have the best, freshest fish, produced by the most skilled artisans. I watch them. The sculpture work is phenomenal to me — the joy of watching a nova being cut by these artisans."

Here's a video of Saul Zabar showing how Zabar's smokes fish:

And here's Zabar's cinematic moment, in You've Got Mail:

Bagel and lox day is next month!