And just when it was getting spicy! Within a week of the news that Jay-Z's 40/40 club was suing its former chef for a staggering $1.5 million—possibly over a spice mix!—now comes word that the suit has been dropped like a hot tamale. But never fear, there is still a chance for a sequel.

Quick refresh: On Tuesday we learned how 40/40 was suing former chef Mike Shand for failing "to perform on significant aspects" and "costing the club lost profits, loss of good will [and] alienation of clientele." What exactly Shand had done was never made clear, but on Wednesday it was implied that the fight was over recipes that the chef took with him when he left. Specifically, a spice mix that his lawyer insisted was his before he got to the club.

And now we'll never know for sure. The restaurant has reportedly decided to drop the suit. Perhaps they found something spicier and more Yelp-friendly? Still, this might not be over just yet. Chef Shand, who we had never heard of until this week and who was once a personal chef for both Jay-Z and Beyonce on their tours, is mulling a countersuit. "We still may sue the club," Shand's lawyer says, "for defamation of character and for the return of his possessions, including his laptop, which the club still has."